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ITS#9925 Fix some ancient #ifdef checks

Howard Chu requested to merge hyc/openldap:its9925 into master

Use #elif defined(...) for HAVE_WINSOCK and MACOS. All other instances of these macros use #ifdef or similar. A compiler may warn about them not being defined.

In libraries/liblber/sockbuf.c, (DOS && PCNFS) and (DOS && NCSA) were replaced with HAVE_PCNFS and HAVE_NCSA, respectively. It seems logical to do the same at the only remaining occurrence of DOS, PCNFS, and NCSA.

Use #if HARDCODE_DATA consistently, replacing two instances of #ifdef. HARDCODE_DATA is always defined, and this way you can set HARDCODE_DATA to 0 and have it work, rather than it going down the wrong branch and failing in these two cases.

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