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ITS#9363 Zero out value on config delete

Ondřej Kuzník requested to merge ondra/openldap:its9363 into master

This lets back-config reset values for non-magic ARG_TYPES values to zero.

There are 89 cases of this across openldap+contrib, most of them are ok (default is 0/NULL or the value is a MUST), the following have a non-zero default and would be affected:

  • back-sql/ndb fields
  • index_substr_any_*
  • localSSF
  • sockbuf_max_incoming*
  • rtxnsize (in back-mdb)
  • sssvlv-maxkeys and sssvlv-maxperconn

All of the above could be fixed by adding a default parameter in the config table, maybe dropping the notify field there while we're at it, since it's never been implemented. That's what I intend to do here in the next version of this MR.

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